R1 ArduPilot Edition

R1 ArduPilot Edition

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The R1 "ArduPilot Edition" is a general purpose, "ready-to-run" UGV packed with all the standard "Drone" feature support you've come to expect from aerial platforms.

This package runs "ArduRover" control firmware and is equipped with the industry leading Pixhawk 2.1 autopilot and HERE2 CAN M8N GPS module.

Providing unmatched quality and capability in its price range, this model is an excellent choice for hobby, educational, ground based flight process training and general Research and Development purposes.

With pre-configured mounting accommodations for the very best in navigational controllers, embedded systems, connectivity and voice controlled devices, this platform is a hackers dream!

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Parts List:


ArduPilot Edition:  
Base Chassis 1
ArduPilot Housing 1
Pixhawk 2.1 Standard 1
Power Brick 1
2.4 GHz Manual TX/RX 1
Battery 1
Charger 1
Micro USB Harness 1
Micro USB PCB 1
Micro USB Cover 1
Servo Cable 3
Wifi Telemetry Kit 1
SD Card 16g 1
Telem Cable 1


Bare Chassis:

Our vehicle, your electronics.

The bare chassis kit comes fully assembled and includes one aluminum, powder coated R1 body, one set of wheels & tires, one deck housing, 4 motors, encoders, wiring harness and motor controller.