Ranch Hand Autonomous ATV - Purchase Reservation

Ranch Hand Autonomous ATV - Purchase Reservation

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*One New Vehicle System*
Purchase - Delivery Priority Reservation
Delivery Slot: 1st Quarter 2020 after all prepaid in full orders are shipped. 


Your reservation and delivery priority becomes effective upon AION ROBOTICS receipt of this reservation payment. This payment does not constitute the purchase, lease or order of a vehicle. The payment serves solely to reserve your order priority and shipment date ahead of other orders. 

Order Process - When the production phase for your reservation approaches, a sales representative will contact you to configure your vehicle/s to meet the needs of your intended application/s. An order will be created at this time, and you will receive a Lease and/or Purchase Agreement indicating the final terms for the vehicle lease or purchase, in addition to the cost of any attachments or customization options as well as estimates of any applicable taxes, duties, transport & delivery charges, registration or any other applicable fees/expenses. 

If you choose to proceed with the order, we will apply your Reservation Payment towards the final agreement. Until you enter into a Purchase Agreement, your reservation may be cancelled at any time, in which case you will receive a full refund of your reservation payment, minus a 2.75% cancellation fee.

This reservation is not transferable or assignable to another party without prior written approval from AION ROBOTICS.

Lease and Purchase reservations may be changed for one another upon execution of the final Purchase or Lease Agreement.

By submitting payment, you acknowledge the entirety of this agreement is solely written here and no other statements, expectations or claims exist beyond this agreement. 

Purchase Terms: 

$65,000.00 USD one time purchase price.

**Requires $1995.00 USD annual subscription which covers the control unit and periodic software updates.**

1 Year Vehicle Warranty - Mechanical and Electrical parts and repairs due to failures during normal vehicle operation are fully covered provided routine maintenance is followed. 

Vehicle warranty will not cover damage, theft and normal wear items such as tires, belts, fluids, filters, routine maintenance etc. 

Control Unit and Software Updates - AION ROBOTICS will fully maintain the physical control unit and provide periodic software updates including basic feature enhancements and those required for proper vehicle function.

 **Prohibited from operation on DOT, public roadways or use for human transportation**